Slow and Steady

True to my usual style of doing exercises I am doing stuff at my own pace. I am now on day three of a 30 day abs challenge. At the moment it’s not that intense but I’m struggling with some of the planks (I hate side planks – hurts my shoulders). Still, I am doing them and will keep doing them.

Last night I did some squats with a 16kg kettlebell, worked the shoulders lifting the same 2 handed out in front, did some chest presses and did some work on my obliques (I think) again using the kettlebell for resistance. Really I need to get some dumbells as kettles of that size are unwieldy and not really the right tools for some of the jobs I’m putting them through. Anyhoo, calves were a bit stiff today so went for a flat run instead of hills and did just over 6k in just under 40 minutes. Averaged about 9.27km/h (6m28s/k) which I was pretty pleased with. A few slow downs in the last k but I’m ok with that. Getting a bit stronger now.

Right, off to have a big glass of Zero recovery drink and do day 3 of the abs challenge and then a big ass plate of Spanish chicken stew with veg for tea.